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Unleash your inner designer using ShopCred Pro. Drag and Drop your dream WooCommerce store to life. The WooCommerce design plugin you’ve been waiting for.

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100% Secure Payments

Relax, We’ve got this. Your payment information is safe. Guaranteed secure checkout.

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5 Star User Feedback

Experience the difference and join thousands of satisfied customers. Backed by 5-star user reviews.

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99% Customer Satisfaction

We’re thrilled that 99% of our customers are happy! We’re confident you’ll love our product.

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Single Product Page

Forget Generic, Get Captivating

Displays specific product information to the visitors so that they can easily purchase your products. Single Product Page Templates include Product Title, Image, Navigation, Related Product, Tab, Stock, Add to Cart, Short Description, Rating, Meta, Breadcrumbs, and Price.

  • Product rating/reviews
  • Products availability
  • Product Image ( Horizontal/Vertical Slider/Carousel)
  • Description/Additional information

Custom Cart Page

Boost Conversions and Crush Competitors

ShopCred has your cart covered. Customize, Convert, Simple as that. Gutenberg Plugin Magic: Craft your dream Custom Cart Page in minutes! No coding, just drag-and-drop.

  • List of products for the cart page.
  • Added products on the cart page.
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Custom Shop Page

Transform Your Shop Page into a Buying Paradise

Boost sales and brand loyalty with the power of personalization! Our Custom Shop Page feature lets you design an unforgettable shopping experience.

  • Style preset
  • Ajax load more
  • Ajaz quick view
  • Customer reviews rating

Custom Checkout Page

Craft a Frictionless Checkout & Dominate Sales

Ditch cart blahs! Design a checkout experience customers love with our Custom Checkout Page. Build excitement, and boost conversions.

  • Payment button
  • Order review
  • Shipping form
  • Billing form
  • Coupon
custom checkout page
custom account page

Custom My Account Page

Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

It’s Your Account, Your Way. Create a My Account page that your clients will appreciate. Goodbye, generic dashboards, and say hello to the Custom My Account Page.

  • Login Form for my account page
  • My Account with navigation

Custom Thank You Page

Turn “Thanks” into Thrills & Unboxing Joy

Boost loyalty & sales! Turn your “thank you” into a conversation. Design unique Thank You Pages for every customer.

  • Order
  • Order details
  • Customer address details
custom thankyou page
filter service

No Coding, Just Create

Simplify Your Shopping

Say Goodbye to Search Frustration: Effortless Shopping is Here

Upload and activate the plugin, proceed to Gutenberg, and adjust how every filtering attribute looks on the front end—ShopCred Filter allows you to show filtered results in a user-friendly format.

  • Title Search
  • Category Search
  • Select Search
  • Tags based filter
  • Price range

ShopCred Free Features

WooCommerce Magic, Made Easy

Take your WooCommerce store to the next level with ShopCred Pro’s powerful, FREE features. No coding is required!

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Product Grid

Effortlessly design captivating product grids and carousels

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Product List

Create sleek product lists

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Style Presets

Apply stunning style presets

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Ajax Load More

Load more products smoothly with Ajax

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Navigate with intuitive pagination

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Display Review

Display customer reviews and ratings

free feature 7

Stock Availability

Show real-time stock availability

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Featured Product

Highlight your top sellers with featured products

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Ajax Quick View

Preview products quickly with Ajax Quick View

Single Product Blocks

Cart Blocks

Checkout Blocks

My Account Blocks

Thank You Blocks

Available Filter Block


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Get Refund

14 Days’ Money back

Don’t Worry! You Are Fully Protected By Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If You Aren’t Fully Satisfied Over The Next 14 Days, Simply Cancel Your Order, And We Won’t Bill You. No Questions Asked

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Your Data, Our Duty

100% Secure Payments Designed for Peace of Mind

Streamline your payment process without compromising security. Our seamless integration with Paddle lets you experience the convenience of frictionless transactions alongside the assurance of robust protection.

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Missing any Feature?

Dream It, Request It, Get It!

Let us know! We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to supercharge your store. Request a feature that is missing in the ShopCred free/pro version. Our team will add the features as soon as possible.

The Ultimate Blocks for Gutenberg & WooCommerce

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No Coding Required

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