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100% Secure Payments

Relax, We’ve got this. Your payment information is safe. Guaranteed secure checkout.

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5 Star User Feedback

Experience the difference and join thousands of satisfied customers. Backed by 5-star user reviews.

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99% Customer Satisfaction

We’re thrilled that 99% of our customers are happy! We’re confident you’ll love our product.

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Variation Swatches

Revamp Your Product Display with Stunning Swatches

Experience the ultimate transformation in your WooCommerce store with Variation Swatches! Say goodbye to mundane dropdowns and hello to an explosion of color, style, and choice.

  • Transform your WooCommerce store with Variation Swatches.
  • Replace dropdowns with vibrant colors, images, and labels.
  • Revolutionize product variation display.
  • Enhance product pages with captivating showcases.
  • Engage customers with stylish and dynamic choices.

WooCommerce Products Comparison

Help Customers to Compare. Decide and Buy Smarter!

In today’s competitive market, giving your customers the ability to make informed decisions is key.

  • Enhance user experience with WooCommerce Products Compare
  • Allow customers to compare products side-by-side
  • Enable informed decision-making for customers
  • Boost competitiveness in today’s market

Fly Cart for WooCommerce

Boost Sales & grow revenue with Fly Cart

It empowers your site with the superpower of adding products to the cart without leaving the current page or reloading the page manually.

  • Add products to the cart without leaving or reloading the page
  • Change product quantities easily
  • Apply coupons seamlessly
  • Add or remove products effortlessly
  • Review orders on the same screen
  • Proceed to checkout quickly
  • Continue shopping without interruption

Stock Progress Bar

Don’t Miss Out: Turn Stock Visibility into Sales Success.

Introducing the Stock Progress Bar for Woocommerce – Your Ultimate Sales Booster!

  • Product Name: Stock Progress Bar for WooCommerce
  • Purpose: Boost sales and persuade customers
  • Key Feature: Dynamic stock progress bar (stock counter bar)
  • Effect: Encourages quick action to avoid missing out
  • Overall Impact: Best tool to drive sales through visual persuasion
  • Benefits:
    • The visual cue of available stock
    • Creates urgency for customers to purchase

WooCommerce Wishlist

Boost Conversions and Drive Repeat Purchases

Say goodbye to missed opportunities as visitors wander away from your product pages, and hello to a world where every wishlist becomes a potential sale waiting to happen. 

  • Prevent missed sales by converting wishlists into purchases.
  • Enable customers to curate personalized collections.
  • Allow easy sharing of favorite products with loved ones.
  • Facilitate seamless return to complete purchases.
  • Boost customer loyalty, engagement, and repeat business with WooCommerce Wishlists.

Call for Price

Uncover the Price and

discover the Value!

Want to create a more engaging and profitable experience for your customers? “Call for Price” is here to revolutionize your approach!

  • Say goodbye to fixed pricing
  • Revolutionize your online sales approach with a “Call for Price.”
  • Enhance customer engagement and profitability
  • Unlock endless possibilities for customer conversion

Direct Checkout

Revolutionize Your Sales with One-Click Checkout

Abandon carts significantly impact on sales. 17% of shoppers abandon carts due to complicated checkouts.

  • One-click checkout
  • Checkout on the same page
  • Simplifies checkout process to boost sales
  • Redirects users directly to checkout instead of the cart page.


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14 Days’ Money back

Don’t Worry! You Are Fully Protected By Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If You Aren’t Fully Satisfied Over The Next 14 Days, Simply Cancel Your Order, And We Won’t Bill You. No Questions Asked

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Your Data, Our Duty

100% Secure Payments Designed for Peace of Mind

Streamline your payment process without compromising security. Our seamless integration with Paddle lets you experience the convenience of frictionless transactions alongside the assurance of robust protection.

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Missing any Feature?

Dream It, Request It, Get It!

Let us know! We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to supercharge your store. Request a feature that is missing in the ShopCred free/pro version. Our team will add the features as soon as possible.

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