How to add a Product FAQ in WooCommerce

Do you know how to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce? When you are looking for any product to buy online, it’s better to check out the FAQ for the product and decide wisely. To do that, you must provide that option for your customer.

It is very common for customers to have particular lookups about different products. That’s your responsibility to respond to these insights from the consumer as the product’s seller. You can certainly draw customers’ attraction toward your product following the discussion.

Moreover, you can increase sales by responding to the questions mindfully. For specific products, the Q&A section might serve as the primary resource for product features.

WooCommerce is such a platform where you must add a Q&A section for the sake of your business. In this guide, we will help you to learn how to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce.

Why You Should Add a Product FAQ in WooCommerce?

That is the reason you should consider learning on How to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce. Let’s know the reasons more closely.

Boost Up the Sales

Customers can ask questions about products directly on the product page by adding a section with questions and answers. It allows other customers to view the conversations and clear their relevant queries.

This way people have a strong impression of the WooCommerce store and become more interested in exploring the products. As a result, it raises the sales of the online store.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

This is another potential fact that indicates the importance of adding the Q&A section to your WooCommerce site. You can share user-generated content that raises your WooCommerce product search rankings. That is how people can view your site more frequently.

How to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce in Two Easy Steps

We have gathered enough information about the purpose of adding a Q&A segment on the WooCommerce site. Now, it’s time to go for action. There are two simple ways to add product questions and answers to WooCommerce.

How to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce Using a Premium Plugin

In this method, we are going to demonstrate the process using the YITH plugin. As it is one of the most popular and featured-full plugins. That makes it simple to add an informative Q&A part with enhanced user interaction.

First, you need to manually install and activate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

After activation, input your license key on the YITH » License Activation page. Under your account on the plugin website, you can locate this information.

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Now, enter the activation button. To configure plugin settings, proceed to the YITH » Questions & Answers page.

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For the Question approval, you need to scroll down to the option and make it active by switching to “YES”.

Once you’ve done so, an administrator will need to approve each question before it can be displayed on your WooCommerce store’s product pages.

AD 4nXfiHQmcV5QAO80W6MzuKkLbmN8WdfEsckH6VjascEW3x4PgBaaayq6XMT DUb0zDMP6LAf8jO 7vLNUNe96vQs5OcH1SrGeaKImhmzKQcRBKCX9XOPDcFIzjh0OrMQ83FbWUKGbT5eNnwJv30L0Z0lue8CgpQHZteNqmRZoFi5JM4A c1ZnJbY?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

After that, scroll down to the “Display on Product Tabs” option.

Here, you should change the setting to “YES” for the plugin to add a “Questions and Answers” section to product pages automatically.

AD 4nXfXmvwV2xhMlmSaxY8XYpUw32 unv4UtnoQuHPo9OvWLBfMj0EL050FJnDlXqWc6m9rk2OF 7QIdNcORMMonUIxkSY3wywRhWTUL9Xnrr7hDb6UY0vqBJx8VwEzz9lDtkxybyW6uJDd7uCl0ah3OuPcqngCYTYSSJx4d1wG9ZWlbiEnHyQ p4?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

Don’t forget to click the “Save Button” to save the changes.

You must now select the “Advanced Settings” option.

To enable user voting on product questions, simply flip the “Vote Question” switch to “YES” from this point.

AD 4nXcCysaQWfrVHHqy pI9ImC0ioZ uecrg6bBz9ECLt0nL5RKPgmP8Q0hRhuZSZvpvOE2Huk7rLpurj5ZKRHKpkjj JnGmtUy4hxXkIRe9rCjI8BVz9v JvX8pNpHDUcBDbPe5UN33xEsqcnFTXdfs8xyNfWhvgDmDgrQa XQCu5HxCifAXMpig?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

After that, you can decide if you want to be notified via email whenever a question is posted on your WooCommerce site.

From the dropdown menu next to the “New question notification” field, just choose the “Notification in HTML Email” option.

Tips: It’s better to use the SMTP server to deliver the email swiftly..

Similarly, if you want to be notified through email each time a question on your site is replied to, You can select the “Notification in HTML Email” option in the “New answer notification” section.

AD 4nXc0ac JHS88ykXe WRcCxinhpBM5WDitAyT8haOBrIXGmoJtslA39rtIO 9OhjumybER30gcf K2vsx7UO65cEVaNAIyFi3NP ujg7suuoZmvud4ve06Ho UgZpu8QPqPImitrqzv8UJwTa7EwlkZv2x5FmC7pKtr mCNfw9cKBTiuCYbyBkZk?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

If the user got his answer. They should additionally get a notification.

Toggle the switch next to the “User Notification” option to “YES” to be notified.

AD 4nXfRrizgglydIX2IH YA3xi6WxzysZdy8mNPf3KIrDuIob6XUVg J4IQoGdQmsEZOqg10 npSNdNyc4SMAFdfYwnyWdlzYSElHqj6gsQrTuR Ys5q6IxAKQs8LekPRIBjDDPte0zw bPEsEdq mG0TvKsDvXt y5 SMTehVykSkvM1X OdEWQHM?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

You can also evaluate other settings after that. Although you can adjust them if necessary, the default settings should work for the majority of websites.

Remember to click the “Save Button” at the end to save your changes.

Visit your WooCommerece site right away to see the Questions & Answers section that has now appeared on your product pages.

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Now, Customers easily can submit their queries and have a discussion directly with the team members.

Add Product FAQ in WooCommerce Using a Free Plugin

Everyone’s first choice is always to use a free plugin to develop their site. If the free plugin works smoothly and efficiently then it’s a perfect choice. So, let’s get started with the most convenient plugin and an easy process.

Similarly, first, you need to install and activate the plugin. Here we are using Product Questions & Answers for the WooCommerce plugin.

After activation, click the Product Q&A menu in the WordPress admin sidebar. Go to the Product Q&A Settings”

If you want to add a “load More” button to your product Q&A section from here. Just check the “Load More” option.

Adding this option will help buyers to load previous questions and shorten the page load time.

AD 4nXfTULTjySa0iysLB24xVHWzpsXnkz3z3MeE7JoGCaGGYKXr5Vf7MRslEO7nutZyp721ToOx6 SAPlnpUR1 rH9nq3OXW515xT12Z7avXw690M3LQSs6SiSA0AI5BZlUvz7vf3oy2oag1XHXgVSzHPJYhekycIgvYkLlb73uK4kbIMDggiTyLVw?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

The next step is to select a page size. You must then choose a fixed number of questions to display in your Q&A section.

Users won’t be able to see any of the other questions. Upon clicking the “Load More Questions” button, users will have access to those questions.

AD 4nXclF8BsfsHGIhQTk yPF1C fDCEedpV b2fSc3TyqD4Crvfykkzw5Dh7gBG2vElDVGt9I ogtiDFEbMpZ1p787NHthxSxOih6d26 qBonSpAbMltQga0GGcjgbGrrYifvR1nNgJfqvI1GQZMU6XG6U Ip4 UQ iOUUYOUTb0pX1fuBESqkqlA?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

Then, select a layout from the dropdown menu next to the “Layout” option for your product Q&A section.

If you wish the Q&A section to be displayed in paragraphs, you can select the “Normal” option.

However, you may alternatively present your queries as an Accordion menu. This implies that in order to view the answer, viewers will have to click on a question.

To save your settings, simply click the Submit button at the bottom.

Monitoring Products Questions and Answers

Once you set up the plugin on your site, you are not done yet. The real work comes now to manage the products’ Questions and answers. While you visit any product page on the store, you will notice a new section of Q&A.

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When you click on it, the “Q&A” area appears where users can ask queries.

If a user asks a question, you’ll get an email notification.

AD 4nXcUpvkRregZXcFnOb9MnC4ulRQZi9kNNQSJURyc j877NWmChBN3smGd2HSmyezPx6YXu1FyLeSu EKhS tgYqG3CX17dR2LI7itGnQc QX7A6cmj7OFL5PfnOTo9AKZXJA 8abwKMhCBCmay1D XnlnCVDoMpQ7VnQYqNE ZNXAATRhrJ6WQ?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

You must now access the Products > All Products page from the WordPress admin dashboard in order to respond to client inquiries. Simply click the “Edit” button next to a product.

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Following that, you must navigate to the “Product Data” section and select the “Q&A” tab from the left column.

Here, all of the questions posted on the page for that particular product will be shown.

AD 4nXcICXUnNaFkVtB3nQ CU 26rB6doYBQ FB1fpe1PNLfx9BO6 eKe3BZozCOADHsEsN0PePvzV3CF2XwrnVLSn L 0Ui4FSA IcKLsSWxT3e55D4LHAy5t18ememCUFpKaeVA85AzvjrJRjI wOMoeB6x lfHDbptyV AfuBNzrN1pS5x5zcW 0?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

Now, all you have to do is put the response to a customer’s question in the “Answer” area.

If you feel the question is inappropriate or unrelated to your product. You can also delete a question by clicking the Delete icon in the right corner.

If you don’t want the question to be seen on the product page, you can alternatively uncheck the “Approve” box.

AD 4nXeZnbxDmGnU8CFLXFIe0sidMrY9pqQ4F9jIFQxGtdeuh33FY9MfQvy6aBtFJVUcKFq0Dd61WZ7ERuAreJ880U36h 9MpT0iDywYaI6BD pr0cEZeRiq5 OrF7 MYgBN0TRJBgYN ctG4UCr9irYyXBfB5Uo18EC5oksIBu9LS7iGzA8qChFw?key= IfQloE2 Lh0ya7QytqU9Q

After responding to the product-related questions, head to the page’s top and press the “Update” button to save all changes.

You may now view the Questions and Answers section by going to the product page.

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Simple Tips and Tricks of How to add a product FAQ in WooCommerce

You can also add the Q&A feature to WooCommerce by following these tips:

  1. Choose the Products tab on the WooCommerce settings page.
  2. Click Add New Product Type on the Products tab.
  3. Type the name and description of the product.
  4. Click the Questions tab in the Product Info section.
  5. Add the question and response to the FAQ area.
  6. Save all the changes.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce is a huge platform to work on. It enables so many wonderful features and options for online businesses. Not just buying or selling products but ensuring reliability through the purpose of adding product questions and answers to WooCommerce.

This particular initiative made a drastic change in customers’ perceptions of buying products online. People are focusing more on shopping through digital platforms.

Having this creative functionality certainly clears customers’ confusion. Even the existing conversation during the Q&A makes people more interested in viewing the product.

We tried a simple effort to introduce you to this great and effective method of How to add a Product FAQ in WooCommerce. It surely will assist you to boost sales and make a good impression on customers as well.

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