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How to Create Checkout Login Form Using ShopCred Pro

Click on the Checkout Login Form block and place it accordingly.

image 29

Take one part of the block and design it in a lucrative way to attract customers. At first, take toggle text and add a background color and text colors.

image 30

Add a color while hovering over the link. Also, applying different fonts, text transformations, and so on.

image 31

Then, to make it more aesthetic, add a border color.

image 32

Next, style the container with the most wonderful color palette. Add a color to the link. Add border width and color.

image 33

Simply, add some varieties to the description part by applying different font sizes and text transformations, font weights and such.

image 34

Make simple changes to the labels by applying different text colors and Border colors.

image 35

After that, there’s a checkbox just beside the login button. Make it visible enough so that viewers can spot and check it.

image 36

Lastly, style the log-in button according to your preference, maintaining the visual appearance and typography.

image 37

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