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How to Create Checkout Coupon Using ShopCred Pro

Click on the Checkout Coupon block and place it accordingly.

image 38

Style the block container by tweaking the colors. Also, change the container’s border style to look more aesthetic.

image 39

Design the block by taking one by one part of it. First, change the background color and text color of the coupon header.

image 40

Navigate to the Coupon form and style it by changing colors of the background, text, and placeholder text.

image 41

Then, there is a coupon button. To make it elegant try changing its background color and fonts. Fonts create a great impression.

image 42

Similarly, change the text, background colors, and borders according to your preference.

image 43
image 44

When you hover the cursor, design the coupon button by utilizing the options shown in the picture.

image 45

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